Midwest Valve & Fitting, Inc. has become the leading distributor of tube fittings, pipe fittings, and valves to Chicagoland, Central Illinois, Northwest Indiana, and beyond. Established in 1984, we are still a family owned and operated business that puts our customers first. first.

We specialize in every type of instrumentation tube and pipe fittings, valves and actuators for flow and pressure control, and gauges for pressure measurement and fluid control systems. Our accredited expertise has attracted customers in a range of highly diverse industries, including chemical processing, food processing, power generation, pipelines, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and medical. Midwest Valve will assure optimal quality and assistance for all of your outsourcing needs.


Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Let us manage your inventory on critical or high usage fittings, valves, gauges, hoses or anything else you need

Consignment Inventory Program (CIP)

We can manage customer blanket orders and won’t invoice until product has shipped

Safety, Installation, & Maintenance Seminars

We offer tube fitting installation seminars, presented by an industry expert with over 40 years of experience

Tube Bending Seminars

Learn proper tube bending techniques from the pros

Sourcing Services

Finding the best materials and widgets supplier for the most cost-effective solutions

Assembled Kits

Custom kitting for OEM part kits or maintenance part kits.

Subassembly & Contract Manufacturing

Pneumatic and fluid handling assemblies for all types of OEM customers from Aerospace to Food & Beverage


We, of all people, know that the smallest of details can make the largest difference in your bottom line. We are dedicated to keeping those integral details in line, but ever-fixing our eyes on the big picture: making your business more efficient. The Midwest Valve & Fittings team is what sets us apart. Our uncompromising commitment to customer excellence is a reflection of our own goals for premier quality, timely fulfillment and distribution, and value-added functions.

Do you have a quality issue with one of our products?

We will address it at no cost to you.

How about an order that you need the same day?

Our delivery trucks or one of our salesmen can deliver stock items as soon as possible.

Need a quote?

The price we send you will be our best offer.

We are problem-solvers, quick on our feet to come up with viable solutions. Our team has contacts in the global process flow market to source the best materials.


Our team has grown significantly over 30+ years but has stayed strong in our foundational ideas. We operate with the utmost integrity, communication, and love for what we do. Customers contact us just to thank us for how easy it is to work with us and how much they appreciate how we went the extra mile. What more could we want?

Rowland Davies
Office Phone: (815) 727-9339
Cell Phone: (815) 922-489
E-Mail: RWD@Midvalve.com

Sue Davies
Office Manager
Office Phone: (815) 727-9339
E-Mail: SJK@Midvalve.com

Joe Davies
Vice President/Outside Sales Engineer
Office Phone: (815) 727-9339
Cell Phone: (773) 718-0338
E-Mail: JRD@Midvalve.com

Jennifer Brasfield
Operations Manager/Customer Service
Office Phone: (815) 727-9339
E-Mail: JLB@Midvalve.com

Jen Riemer
Customer Service
Office Phone: (815) 727-9339
E-Mail: JAR@Midvalve.com

Shelly Eckberg
Customer Service
Office Phone: (815) 727-9339
E-Mail: MME@Midvalve.com

Michelle Grasseschi
Customer Service
Office Phone: (815) 727-9339
E-Mail: MRG@Midvalve.com

Tom Ericksen
Production Supervisor/Quality Assurance
Office Phone: (815) 727-9339
E-Mail: TSE@Midvalve.com

Chris Coughlin
Outside Sales
Office Phone: (815) 727-9339
Cell phone: (815) 592-0498
E-Mail: CRC@Midvalve.com

Dan Weis
Outside Sales Engineer
Office Phone: (815) 727-9339
Cell Phone: (224) 715-5729
E-Mail: Weis914@gmail.com

If you’re looking to partner with real people for real results, connect with Midwest Valve today!