Pressure Gauge, Test, 0-60 psi, 6

Pressure Gauge, Test, 0-60 psi, 6" Dial, Black Front Flange, 1/4 NPT Rear-100FTM03A01

Pressure Gauge, Test, 0-30 psi, 6" Dial, Black Front Flange, 1/4 NPT Rear-100FTM01A01

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Perma-Cal P/N 100FTM01A01 It's time to upgrade to DIRECT DRIVE DESIGN. Outperformance on any application. Perma-Cal® Industries, Inc. has been a leader in quality and design of Direct Drive (helically wound Bourdon tube) pressure gauges for over 35 years. Reliable in the most rugged environments, Perma-Cal® Industrial Gauges are designed to withstand hostile applications, including intense vibration, shock, pulsation and overpressure. For this reason, Perma-Cal® pressure gauges are well suited for the industrial, energy & power, oil & gas, and petrochemical industries. Design standards meet or exceed most industrial, aerospace & military specifications. Experience the Perma-Cal Difference: • Durable by Design: Manufactured using Direct Drive technology, Perma-Cal® gauges feature only one moving part; no linkages, springs, gears or liquid-fill to wear, break or leak. This design allows the gauge to endure rugged environmental conditions unsuited for traditional C-Tube design gauges. Additionally, Perma-Cal® gauges can withstand a 50% overpressure without shift in calibration. • No Liquid Fill: Perma-Cal® provides a longer life gauge than liquid filled gauges without the leaking or discoloring problems of liquid fill. Perma-Cal® gauges do not suffer from any problems liquid fill is designed to solve. Because of Direct Drive design, there are no gears or linkages to lubricate. In addition, Perma-Cal® gauges are internally dampened to eliminate pointer flutter. • Made in the USA: Proudly, Perma-Cal® manufactures its industrial pressure gauges in Minden, NV using only American made parts. Aspects of the manufacturing process not completed in house are outsourced to support local small businesses. • Lower Cost of Ownership: Greater life means lower costs. Longer recertification cycles. Only one moving part means our Perma-Cal® gauges can cycle often 1,000,000 times or more without shift in calibration. • Safety Comes Standard: Perma-Cal® Pressure Gauges are designed to the utmost standard of safety. A very low volume elastic element, rear blowout features and a solid front case produce the safest gauge possible. In contrast, C-Tube design gauges have a relatively large volume elastic element that, in cases of catastrophic failure, could spill large amounts of process. Also, not all Direct Drive gauges offer a solid front case.
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Accuracy .25% F.S.
Ambient Operating Temp -65°F to 190°F
Burst Pressure 500% F.S. or 25,000 psi
Dial Size 6" Dial
Fill Internally Dampened (No Liquid Fill)
Fitting Location Rear
Fitting Type 1/4 NPT
Lens Material Acrylic
Media Operating Temp -65°F to 250°F
Pointer Material Aluminum
Range 0-30 psi
Wetted Parts 300-Series Stainless Steel, Inconel X-750, Silver Braze
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